The Finnish Workers’ Sports Federation TUL

As a sports organization, TUL’s aim is to foster the habit of maintaining good health through physical activity. The core of TUL consists of sports clubs and voluntary activity within the clubs. Youth activities and youth education play an important role in the organization’s work. TUL also offers activities to those who are interested in culture.

TUL’s goal is to ensure that all citizens - regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or financial means - will be able to practice sports in good company and in their own living environment

Founded in 1919, today TUL consist of 1,000 local sport clubs and connects over 280,000 people to sport activities. TUL is one of the largest and strongest voluntary social organizations in Finland.
TUL concentrates on youth sports and sport for all, but TUL clubs are also home to many top athletes and teams. In all, over 60 different branches of sports are available for TUL members.