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TUL is a Finnish sport federation focused on encouraging Finnish citizens to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. One of our main goals is to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to lead an active life and have access to various sport activities, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, wealth or ethnic background. TUL is one of the largest non-governmental organizations in Finland, with about 800 sport club members.

Our key focus area is to promote grassroots sports activities for all ages, from early childhood to retirement. We accomplish this by supporting the work of various national and regional sports clubs and by encouraging civic activities that support our goals.

Our Vision

TUL is one of the most influential non-governmental organization and an active influencer in national decision making regarding sports and physical education.

Key numbers

  • Founded January 26th 1919
  • 801 sports club members
  • 75 sports
  • 13 employees
  • 15 regional organizations
  • 6 committees
  • 20 boards
  • 14 community members

The jubilee year 2019

In 2019, TUL is 100 years old. We celebrate our 100th anniversary by organizing amazing events throughout Finland. The event weekend 14.6.–16.6.2019 was the highlight of the jubilee year.