TUL100 Youth Camp

Finnish Workers’ Sports Federation TUL turns 100 years in the year 2019.

On July 2019 TUL will organize an international youth camp for 16 to 29 year olds on a close to nature environment in the Sports Institute Kisakeskus, in Finland. We will get to know Finnish culture, do variety of sports together, relax and enjoy the Finnish summer. Join us!

Price of the camp is 300 euros. It includes four guided camp days, foods, trip with guided tour in Fiskars Village and returning to Helsinki with a bus.

TUL100 International Youth Camp

  • 11.-14.6.2019 Kisakeskus Sports Institute, Raasepori, Finland
  • for young people aged 16 to 29 year olds
  • Price: 300 euros
  • Registration time starts 1st of December 2018 and ends 31st of March 2019
  • To register as a camper send e-mail: leirit@tul.fi. You should tell at least your name, age, nationality and allergies at the e-mail message.


Fresh nature of Finland

Camp will be held in the Sports Institute Kisakeskus. At the Kisakeskus resort you’ll get an amazing experience from the Finnish pure nature. Air is fresh
and nature very close. You can wander in the green forests, climb to rugged rocks and hills, even swimin the fresh waters of lake Kullaa, all in the area of
Kisakeskus. Experience the best of Finnish summer!

Diverse sport activities

Program is filled with diverse sports activities. There’ll be archery, canoeing, and disc golf – among others. Trained professionals from the sports
institute will guide the ctivities. Self-directed activities are also possible.

Trip to Fiskars Village

We will have a trip to Fiskars Village. It is a traditional Finnish handicrafts area in Raasepori, close by the Kisakeskus. On a guided tour we will explore Fiskars Village’s area and history. As a company, Fiskars is best known for their orangehandled

Dicussing International relations in workshops

At the camp you’ll get to meet new interesting people. International relations are one part of the life of organizations. Workshops will be arranged
to discuss international relations relating to organizations. There’s no limit to what we can learn
from each other.

TUL100 International Theatre Gala

On the last day of the camp we will be traveling to the national capital, Helsinki. The camp will end in a ceremonious atmosphere in a theatre gala. The gala is part of TUL100 union celebrations. We will be enjoying gymnastic and dance performances.

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Ms. Annika Appelroth